Nederlandse Reisopera initiates Summer Camp ’21 for young singers

In the summer of 2021 the Nederlandse Reisopera (Dutch National Touring Opera) will be starting a new initiative: the Reisopera Summer Camp. From 4 to 9 July we are organising workshops and training courses in Enschede for a select group of up to ten young professional singers or near-graduate voice students, to help them further their budding careers. Guided by professionals from the performing arts, participants will work on aspects like preparing for auditions, entrepreneurship, stress management, improvisation and stage presence. What the programme doesn’t include are singing lessons!  The Reisopera Summer Camp is deliberately taking a different trajectory than most summer schools: more personal attention, guidance by professionals from the field and from other disciplines, and time for reflection. Participants themselves play an active role in the course of the programme.


Talent development

To succeed as a young professional singer you need more than just a good, trained voice. The singing profession is undeniably complex. First you have to study for years, then earn your place in professional practice. How do you find a good agent as a starting singer? How do you deal with auditions, how do you collaborate with directors and conductors? How can you make choices at the beginning of your career that match your strengths?


Developing and challenging talent

The Reisopera has been investing in all sorts of talent development for young singers and theatre makers for years. With this Summer Camp we want to supplement existing training programmes and summer schools, plus meet the questions and needs that we identify in young professional singers. This entails a focus that deliberately doesn’t lie on voice pedagogy, but rather on other aspects of performance practice.

Josef Fuchs, adjunct artistic director, explains the goals of the Reisopera Summer Camp: ‘We are eager to share our expertise and experience with young singers who are motivated to explore thinking “outside the box”, and offer them a safe environment for self-reflection. The Reisopera wants to connect the young with the experienced, the classical with the modern, and participants with each other. It wishes to be a source of inspiration for talented vocalists who want to develop and be challenged, and who dare to transcend boundaries. We look forward to being surprised by a new generation of young singers who aren’t afraid to take an alternative and wider look at themselves and the field of musical theatre.’


4-9 July 2021

A maximum of ten participants will stay in Enschede from 4 to 9 July (accommodations, breakfast and lunch are included). During the day and under the guidance of performing arts professionals we will cover a diverse programme that includes stage presence, preparation for auditions, physical training, entrepreneurship, stress management, a photo shoot, improvisation and personal PR. Wide attention will also be given to group dynamics and reflection on one’s own position within the performance field.


Not only classical!

The Reisopera Summer Camp is intended for young professional singers or voice students about to graduate from Dutch conservatories or musical theatre programmes. This is definitely not aimed exclusively at classically trained singers: popular music and musical theatre vocalists are also welcome!


Four-year Summer Camp

The ten singers from the first batch of 2021 will be listed for a year on with their CV and digital presentation. In season 2021/22 we will follow the participants’ careers. In the summers of 2022, 2023 and 2024 we will also organise a Reisopera Summer Camp, each time with ten new participants.


Registration and costs

Participation in the Reisopera Summer Camp costs €250 per person. This covers participants’ accommodations in Enschede, including breakfast and lunch, from 4 to 9 July. There will also be workshops for five days, a professional shoot with photographer Marco Borggreve, and a year-long exposure of participants’ CV and photo/video materials on


Candidates can register between 25 January until 22 March 2021. Registrations are accepted only via email and must include a CV, a digital portfolio, an audio or video recording with singing, and a digital showreel featuring dazzling artistic content. For questions or to request information, please contact Anne Slothouwer at